Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Up In the Air"

Are you unemployed, underemployed, "Up In the Air," or are you finding a better path to health and happiness? While there are a number of people who have been able to take advantage of the slower economy by buying less expensive houses and taking advantage of sales and close-outs, many are feeling the pressures of loss and disappointment. What happens when you suddenly take a pay cut, have a single family income, or lose your job? Each of us has a different consequence depending on our savings and how many people are depending on our incomes. You may be feeling the squeeze of more people living in your household or moving out of your comfort zone. With so many transitions, relationship building and support systems are increasingly important. Finding resourceful ways to work together in a household or neighborhood will actually help you build teamwork skills for your next employment opportunity.

Living greener can actually help our career development. We can begin living greener by saving more and using less. Saving money always provides more future opportunities, and using less gives us skills and resourcefulness for finding greener jobs. Some of us remember a time when we saved leftovers and used them to make a fabulous meal later. Freezing leftovers is the old fashioned way of getting fast food. Recently packaged goods and fast food seemed to be analogous with fun and freedom. The reality often meant waiting in lines only to get home with cold soggy food. Not quite the picture in the advertisement.

This morning as I took three different containers of leftover tomato sauce and pasta sauce out of the freezer, I realized that by saving money I'm finding more time and freedom to do what I love. By taking a few minutes to freeze leftovers, thaw and remake a delicious nutritious meal, I can actually save time as well as money. Bringing the family together to wash vegetables, slice, dice, and mix builds relationships while burning calories and adding natural vitamins to the diet. Today I will slow cook the sauces with herbs and add fresh vegetables. A nice blend of fresh spinach and carrots adds flavor and vitamins to the sauce. According to the Carrot Museum website, carrots are most nutritious when eaten blended, cooked or better yet blended and cooked.

In my experience working long hours didn't lead to health and happiness. Doing what I love, work that has meaning, and finding a satisfying career has led to much more joy than exhausting myself working for more money. When meeting basic needs is a priority, then money may be the goal at the moment, but saving and using less will leave more room for new opportunities. Spending less and saving more gives me more time for giving and building healthy relationships which gives me a happier more meaningful life.

Living naturally for a safer environment,
NJ Miller, LifeWork Coach

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